Utility Trailers

Utility / Landscape trailers are one of the most utilized trailers available.

Utility trailers are also utilized for hauling equipment, supplies, ATV, bikes, furniture and material.  They are equipment to haul outdoor equipment and are used for a more general purpose for hauling many different items.  Our utility trailers can be customized to fit whatever you need to transport from snowmobiles, motorcycles, bikes, kitchen appliances and much more.

Our utility trailers are available to be custom built for your requirements.  From side rails, trailer winches, shelves, toolboxes, racks, floor ties and light custom features can be built to make you utility trailer fit your needs. A choice between hydraulic or electronic brakes are available depending on the choice you prefer.

Landscape trailers are used by landscaping businesses that carry equipment such as lawnmowers and tractors from job site to job site. They are built with racks to hold equipment such as shovels, trimmers, weed eaters, edgers and come with toolboxes to hold safety supplies, small equipment, bags and or gloves. Our landscape trailers are easy to load and unload equipment and are easy to maneuver around.  Our landscape trailers are available in many different trailer sizes and are made with aluminum that will allow for easy moving by hand because of their light weight.

If you decide to custom build or chose from our in-stock inventory of utility / landscape trailers you will be able to maneuvered this dependable and reliable trailer with ease.

Available in stock


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  • Bed width 6'
  • Bed length 10'
  • 1 - 3500lb Tor flex axle
  • No brakes
  • 18" sides , 14" solid plus 4" tie rail
  • Wood floor
  • 16" centers on crossmembers
  • 2" coupler
  • LED. Recessed lights
  • 1000lb flip jack w/wheel
  • Tail gate ramp combo
  • 2 - 14" radials on gal. Rims
  • A frame tool box
  • 1 - mounted spare tire